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Diamond Bedside Cabinet

Diamond Bedside Cabinet


£220.00 Ex Tax: £183.33

White Bedside Cabinet

White Bedside Cabinet

Beautiful White Bedside Cabinet with Mirrored Inserts.46w x 66h x 35.5d..

£170.00 Ex Tax: £141.67

Arguably the most underrated piece of furniture in your home, the bedside cabinet is always there to get you up in the morning, keep your phone just an arm’s reach away and stop you from losing your glasses.


Whether you’re the kind of person who needs to have a glass of water by your side every night, have a pile of books building up that you promise yourself you’ll get through soon enough, or have a skincare routine you need to do every night before going to sleep, you need a good bedside cabinet to do the job, and we can help.


Types of bedside cabinet we sell


We have a wide range of bedside tables available.


Slim drawer and under-shelf models are very common with easy access, and an open under shelf area for quick storage.


Many people who want a modern design in their room are now going for single drawer cabinets with a square bracket bottom to add an illusion of space.


Of course two shelf- one door cabinets remain the cheapest and most trusted option for those doing up a bedroom on a budget.


Bedside cabinets to suit your tastes


Check our stock to see the types of finish and colours we currently have available.


We have everything from sleek black cabinets that look nice beside upholstered beds to traditionally finished cabinets that fit in will with simple wooden bed frames,


Storage solutions for your bedroom


If you need more storage space for your bedroom, be it new drawers or an Ottoman bed, get in touch with us directly by phone or visiting our showroom.