Ottoman boxes, or Ottomans, are one of the most practical storage solutions you can have at home. They’re a fantastic way to keep a room looking tidy in a jiffy, don’t take up much room and can double as a seat or stool when you need one.


We have a select range of Ottomans available at Ayrshire Bed Company that wouldn’t look out of place in your living room, bedroom or conservatory.


Why buy an Ottoman?


They are one of the most functional items for storing everything from toys to throws. Most commonly found at the bottom of a bed or under a window, they can be your go-to box for swiftly getting a room back in order.


What types of Ottoman can I buy?


When it comes to you living room or bedroom, we would recommend an upholstered Ottoman that fits in well with your current room décor; you don’t want an ottoman that sticks out badly.


If you find that kids never tidy up their toys properly, or have them all bundled in one pile, a simple wooden ottoman is a great idea in a child's bedroom or playroom.


Tips for buying an Ottoman


Things to consider when getting an Ottoman include:


  • ·         Measuring the length at the bottom of you bed so your box won’t jut out either end
  • ·         Measuring the height under a window if you want to place your box there
  • ·         See if there are pillows you can also get to match the look of your Ottoman to make a mini sofa


Need more bedroom storage?


If you’re struggling for space in you bedroom and need something like an Ottoman box, you might want to look at upgrading and getting an Ottoman bed. We have a range that will help declutter any bedroom in no time at all.

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