Whether you’re the kind person who always needs reliable support when reading in bed at night, or just want to have a bed that looks fantastic no matter what room it is in, headboards provide functionality and style when you need it most.


At Ayrshire Bed Company we can help anyone looking to upgrade or buy a new headboard find the right style for their home. It all starts with knowing more about your bed.


Getting the right headboard


You don’t want to buy a headboard that doesn’t match your bed. If you have a nice wooden bed, a metal headboard won’t look right (and vice versa). We recommend taking a look at your existing frame first to see if it already has fittings for a headboard and what the width and height you’re working with are. You wouldn’t want to buy a headboard with legs sticking out at the top.


Upholstered headboards 

Always a popular option, having an upholstered headboard is fantastic if you want to be able to lean against it at night and provide good back support if you’re the kind of person who can get stuck in to a good book, or watch TV in bed.


Wooden headboards 

Very practical and easy to install, wooden headboards suit traditional decor and always go best on an existing wooden frame. The only points to consider would be the finish on your frame and whether the colour of your ideal wooden headboard will match.


Metal headboards 

Mostly used just to add a touch of elegance in the bedroom, metal frames won’t ever stray too far away from a traditional design, although there are some modern metal designs that use straight lines and squared corners to their advantage.


Adjustable headboards 

Getting your bed to look just the way you want can be a pain point if the headboard just doesn’t sit right. Adjustable headboards help get it at the perfect height without overtaking valuable wall space.


Picking the right headboard

Getting the best headboard comes down to knowing your bed size, the height you have from the top of the frame and how your frame will complement the room. Take a look at our current range of headboards and if you have any questions about them get in touch today by phone on 07393 335969.

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